VersaTouch® The industry's most versatile line of analog resistive touchscreens.

Basic Construction and Theory of Operation
TPI's VersaTouch® touchscreen are constructed of two electrically conductive and transparent layers (ITO coated film or glass). The opposing layers of VersaTouch® are held apart by nearly invisible separator dielectric dots. The layers are held together and sealed with a gasket adhesive which isolates the touchscreen from the outside environment.

Parallel busbars, consisting of screen-printed conductive ink, are positioned along the opposite edges of each layer and orthogonal to the busbars on the other layer.

Applying pressure to the flexible top layer creates a contact between the two conductive surfaces and completes the circuit. An electronic controller circuit performs the voltage switching and sensing to determine the touch position.
Features and Benefits
  • Proven 4-wire resistive technology
  • Simplicity of interface electronics
  • Built to your exact specifications from 2" to 32" Diagonal
  • Superior optical qualities
  • Highly linear and accurate
  • Highly reliable
  • Bare finger, gloved hand or stylus input
  • 1 year limited warranty
VersaTouch Product Specifications [pdf]