ReliaTouch® Extremely reliable 5-wire analog resistive touchscreen solution for demanding applications

Basic Construction and Theory of Operation
TPI's ReliaTouch® touchscreen are constructed of two electrically conductive and transparent layers (ITO coated film or glass). The opposing layers of ReliaTouch® are held apart by nearly invisible separator dielectric dots. The layers are held together and sealed with a gasket adhesive which isolates the touchscreen from the outside environment.

The stable bottom layer has a row of proprietary shaped busbars positioned along the four edges. These busbars are linked together to form resistor chains. Low resistance busbars are used to transfer signals from the four corners of the bottom layer to the tail. The top flexible layer uses a screen printed busbar to pick up and transfer the voltage signals to the tail.

Applying pressure to the flexible top layer creates a contact between the two conductive surfaces and completes the circuit. An electronic controller circuit performs the voltage switching and sensing to determine the touch position.
Features and Benefits
  • Proven 5-wire resistive technology
  • Simplicity of interface electronics
  • Built to your exact specifications from 2" to 21" Diagonal
  • Superior optical qualities
  • Highly linear and accurate in the optimized active area
  • Extremely reliable
  • Bare finger, gloved hand or stylus input
  • 2 year limited warranty
ReliaTouch® Product Specifications [pdf]