Optical Packages

One of the most important characteristics of a touchscreen is its effect on the display's brightness, contrast and color. It is also important to be able to view the display under various ambient lighting conditions. The appropriate selection of materials and coatings, used in a touchscreen's construction, is essential in maximizing the optical performance.

The right combination of films and coatings could boost the light transmission of a resistive touchscreen from a standard value of 75% to well above 90%.

Utilizing circular polarizers and other optical films, a resistive touchscreen is capable of being used in bright lighting conditions and even in direct sunlight.

Adding a privacy filter on top of a touchscreen or on the backside of a touchscreen's substrate the display viewing is limited to the intended user only.

Contrast enhancement is achieved by using colored filters embedded in a touchscreen's layers and customized to match with the display's specifications.

These options combined with other optical enhancements such as the elimination of Newton Rings and the reduction in glare and reflection, improve optical performance and improve the user experience.

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