Many types of gaskets may be necessary in the construction of a touchscreen. These range from mounting to environmental to shielding. The proper selection of these gaskets will not only ensure the long term performance of the touchscreen but also that of the entire assembly.

Many factors, such as operating and storage environments, material compatibility, sealing and shielding requirements, and exposure to specific chemicals may impact the gasket selection process. TPI's expertise in customizing touchscreens can benefit you by helping to choose the right gasket material the first time.

Mounting gaskets are used to attach the touchscreen to the top bezel or to the display. These gaskets are typically pressure sensitive acrylic adhesives applied on both sides of a PET carrier or an engineered foam.

Environmental gaskets are used to seal and isolate the inside of an assembly from the outside environment. These gaskets are typically applied on top of the touchscreen and are attached to the top bezel to provide an environmental seal.

Shielding gaskets are used to provide grounding between a touchscreen's conductive shield layer and equipment ground. These conductive gaskets typically rely on compression to make intimate contact to equipment ground or they may have a conductive adhesive component.

TPI's access to an extensive selection of gasket materials will meet the functional requirements of various industries and demanding applications.

Please contact one of our application engineers at 661-294-9787 to review your specific requirements and to help you select the best combination of material, thickness and gasket shape for your application.