Medical Device and Diagnostic Instrumentation

The requirements for reliability, speed, ease of use and sanitization of medical instrumentation have steadily increased. The use of touchscreens as an interface device has become a must in many applications.

TPI touchscreens have been used in the demanding field of medical device and diagnostic instrumentation industry for almost two decades. Our ability to customize touchscreens to meet your specifications and to recommend novel solutions to improve performance sets us apart from our competitors. Our touchscreens are available for the life of your products and beyond. With our design, manufacturing and customer service all located at our facility in Valencia, California you are a phone call and no more than three time zones away from answers to your questions for our US customers.

Although there are many touchscreen technologies available in the market today, resistive technology remains the number one choice for the medical industry. The reasons are obvious,

  • Simple, reliable and accurate electronic interface
  • Gloved hands, finger or stylus activation
  • Ability to disinfect the touchscreen's sealed surface
  • Ability to protect against EMI Emissions

Years of serving the medical industry has prepared us for the challenges and the opportunities that this industry presents. Please contact one of our application engineers to review your specific requirements or to obtain additional information.