Touchscreens provide an intuitive and simple interface for Human to Machine Interface needs. They are being used in an increasing number of markets and applications. TPI offers the widest selection of resistive touchscreens and options for your industry.

Industrial Controls and Instrumentation
Applications range from process control to factory automation through portable devices to diagnostic equipment. More
Medical Instruments
Applications range from surgery room equipment to medical diagnostic equipment. More
Military and Aerospace
Applications range from underwater, land, or in flight. Able to operate accurately and reliability in the harshest and most demanding environments in high humidity, altitude, temperature range, and hostile actions. More
Point of Sale
Applications range from employee order entry, to customer self service use, from portable devices to stand alone isolated products. New OEM use or for Improved product repair and replacement. More
Front Panel Integration
Applications range from Display manufacturers, Membrane Switch Companies, and Display Integrators. More
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