Doing Business with TPI

If you are interested in learning more or to get started on your touchscreen design please contact our sales team at or simply call 1-661-294-9787 and ask for sales.

TPI markets its touchscreens through a combination of direct sales, manufacturer’s representatives and value added re-sellers. Each touchscreen design has a distinct part number that corresponds to an end use customer and/or a project. TPI touchscreens are available long term. We have not obsolete any design since our inception in 1992.
For new designs or inquires please contact or call 1-661-294-9787. TPI offers a personalized approach to provide your company with the optimum touchscreen for your application.
Manufacturer’s Representatives
TPI has various commission and compensation plans which are dependent on sales representative’s involvement in the identification, design and sales effort of the project and also of on-going sales support. TPI strives to treat and acknowledge effort, support and success fairly. If you are aware of a company and or project that could benefit from a TPI touchscreen please e-mail us at or simply call 1-661-294-9787.
Value added Resellers
TPI works with and supports companies that add value to touchscreens. Examples are membrane front panel manufacturers, display integrators, display enhancement companies and touch-terminal repair companies.